WNY News Now is a locally owned and operated news publisher based in Jamestown, New York. Founded in 2016, and supported by community advertisers, our journalists produce content on, WNYNewsNow.com, our mobile app, social media and Channel 716 on Roku. We are partnered with Lilly Broadcasting and carry news reports on both television and radio stations in Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania.

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In 2021 we welcomed 877,000 individuals with over 2.9 million returning viewers.

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Advertisements must be submitted in a MP4 or JPEG format 24-hours prior to publication. Our team can create custom ads for an extra $150 production fee, with work including filming, editing, graphic design and voice-over production. Work that exceeds five hours will be billed at a $25 per hour rate.

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*Billed monthly.
*Packages start at $175 per-month and range based on desired services.
*Advertisements must be submitted in a MP4 or JPEG format 24-hours prior to publication. Web advertisement production services start at $20 per hour. Video advertisement production services are $100 per session, with additional work billed at $20 per hour.

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